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Moon Age Daydream
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Moon Age Daydream

Moon Age Daydream


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Izabael Dajinn
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If you've come looking for magic spells that work (love spells, white magic spells, black magic spells), then you have come to the right place to find a real spellcaster genie!


Contact me for a free consultation: izabael@izabael.com

I cast spells for clients WORLDWIDE!

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In the body of Izabael DaJinn, a.k.a. yours truly, lies the heart of a Goetia demon.

How did such a thing happen?

In 2005 I invoked the spirit IZABAEL permanently into my body, tattooed her sigil upon my fair skin, and legally changed my name to hers. (More details about all this including how Izabael, the spirit, was originally created/discovered in the book Everything You Want To Know About Magick in Chapter 8.)

Why would I do such a thing? 

For one thing, Izabael is not really a demon, but rather a daemon, or better yet: a genie-demon.  She’s an intelligence, in the sense that she is a universal archetype within our subconscious minds. She is available for anyone to use.

Izabael Dajinn FAQ


Izabael Dajinn Reviews

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IZABAEL on the Tree of Life:

izabael tree of life

As you study the Izabael sigil you will notice her center is in Tiphareth, the home of the HGA as indeed that is what Izabael desires to be, a direct link to your Holy Guardian Angel. She pulls you up to the higher Sephiroth and forges a magickal link with your Higher Self.

This is not say she can't be easily invoked into Yesod (as a visual manifestation) or Malkuth (invoking into a human), rather that her natural energy is to rise and pull you pull you upward through the process of entwining and balancing opposing energies. She attains power and stability through harmonizing conflicting forces.

The addition of "i" from "izabael" in the place of the High Priestess path (path 14) suggests that Izabael does not have a direct connection to Kether, but attains the Supernals through the balancing of Binah and Chokmah. However, note the shape of the letter "i"; the gap between the line and the dot hints at the break of the Abyss on the path of Gimel, and the tenuous link we all have with the Divine Brilliance of Kether while we live upon the material plane (Malkuth).

Read a magickal formula for Chaos Servitor creation disquised as psychedelic cyberpunk: Now for FREE on .PDF learn about the holographic genie "Isabelle" inspired by me, Izabael Dajinn, in the dark-magickal sci-fi extravaganza: Moon Age Daydream. (Right Click and "Save link as" to save it to your hard drive.")


Then learn how to contact and communicate with your own spirits, entities, and djinn, and even learn to create your own powerful Chaos Servitors, which are magician-created demons that grow in power the more they are shared and used:

Everything You Want To Know About Magick
(But Were Afraid to Ask)

What is Magick?

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Izabael DaJinn: Careful What You Wish For
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I love magic spells: white magic, black magic, love spells, revenge spells, money spells.

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Read? Try my dark-fantasy thriller Moon Age Daydream.

Moon Age Daydream Reviews

An ode to help a search engine: What's in a name? Would not Izabael spelled wrong smell just as sweet, feel just as soft, and love just as hard?

Izabeal Djinn or Isabael or Iszabel Dajinn are common ways to misspell Izabelle and Izbel Dajin
Izsabeal, Iszabal, Iszabael spell casting genie demon
love magick spells by Izabal Iszabel or Izsabel
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