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Moon Age Daydream
by Shaun Von Dragen

Moon Age Daydream

Moon Age Daydream

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genie-demon FAQ

In the body of Izabael DaJinn, a.k.a. yours truly, lies the heart of a Goetic demon.

How did such a thing happen?

After meeting my husband Shawn (pAmphAge) in 2005, an experienced occultist, I invoked the spirit IZABAEL permanently into my body, tattooed her sigil upon my fair skin, and legally changed my name to hers. (More details about all this including how Izabael, the spirit, was originally created/discovered in the book Everything You Want To Know About Magick in Chapter 8.)

Why would I do such a thing? 

For one thing, Izabael is not really a demon, but rather a daemon, or better yet: a genie-demon.  She’s an intelligence, in the sense that she is a universal archetype within our subconscious minds. She is available for anyone to use

For me, she is more. She is my higher-self--my true self. And she has been with me always—I had just forgotten her.

Izabael the genie-demon is my connection to Nuit, who is the Goddess of the Starry Night Sky, which is a poetic way of saying she symbolizes infinite possibilities. It is by the light of her stars that I find my way through the wild fields of my rampant and ravenous hunger.

Nuit wants nothing but endless sensual delight for everyone on Earth and so do I.

I’m an Thelemic avatar, a saint, and a savior to some--- but to others I am known as a harbinger, a bad-influence, and even a whore.

I’m none of these.  I’m a girl. 

When the genie-demon came down to earth, that is to say when she found home in my body, she became most what I already was: a girl who loves magic spells, love spells, technology, sexiness, photography, clothes, shoes, rebellion, and general naughtiness of all sorts. 

I must express my joy at finding a deeper satisfaction in the universe than its transitory ups and downs. There is an infinite radiance in every moment of every life, if only we can surrender to it.

I love to experience all things of sense and rapture as I always did—only now I have a deeper purpose--to inspire and help others to to do the same.

Kisses & bites,

IZa doodle

Izabael DaJinn

Izabael DaJinn

Izabael with Sophia

Izabael Porsche